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First come calories then come Black Friday festivities—November perks are oh-so-aplenty. Once you’ve satiated your palate on Thanksgiving, set your mark and get-ready-go on these deep discounts from 11 of our fave hair and beauty brands.  1. WELEDA The steal: Get 30% off all products on plus free shipping on purchases over $50. When: Black Friday (11/25) […]

Aside from the amazing food, Thanksgiving weekend can be super stressful, especially if you have a lot of family, or live far from home – the airport at Thanksgiving = a nightmare (trust me on that). But just because you may or may not have control over your weekend plans doesn’t mean you have to give up control […]

The biggest culprit when it comes to fussy natural hair is breakage. Usually caused by dryness and/or poor hair nourishment, breakage gets in the way of length retention, softness, and strong strands. Signs of breakage or damaged hair includes brittle texture, tangles, short broken off ends, and split ends. If you’re noticing your mane […]

One common issue for people with thick, coarse hair is dryness. There are many different causes behind dry hair, but one of the most common is simply a low porosity level. Basically, hair with low porosity has trouble retaining moisture due to its tightly shut cuticles. A little warm water and steam can help open […]

When Christophe Robin touches down in Tinseltown, you can expect a trail of beautiful hair to be left behind. The Mane Master and creator of namesake haircare line passed a little bit of French-girl-hair wisdom on to us when he showed us the light to healthy hair at our event in West Hollywood’s Goddard & Bragg Salon.  A batch […]

Even though it was election week and Instagram was filled with a lot more non-hair related posts, we were still able to find a whole crop of list-worthy looks. Scroll through our favorite mane moments below and find some November inspiration! HAILEY BALDWIN Hailey’s new pink locks look like the perfect mix of orange/red in this […]

There are few better feelings in life than flaunting freshly styled waves or an over-accessorized ‘do. Still, there’s room to intensify that sensation tenfold-so long as you have your hands on a swoon-worthy scent that can transform your mane; like Tocca’s fragrances: Stella, Florence, and Cleopatra. Blogger babes Tania Sarin, Lisa of Lunch Pails and […]

There’s no way I’m not the only person who has a love-hate relationship with hair brushing. It’s one of those everyone’s-gotta-do-it things and for most, it brings back painful memories from a childhood of tangled hair at the hands of unsympathetic adult. So why are we talking about it? Because it matters, like, A LOT. That […]

No matter what you do for a living, the way you way your hair to work shouldn’t distract you or others from your work. It’s important to express your individuality, of course, but it’s more important to be conscious of what’s appropriate. Trendy and modern, yet classic and streamlined—one of these five hairstyles should be your […]

In theory, styling your hair into a cute gym-appropriate look sounds good, but in real life a messy topknot wins. That hair history is likely to never repeat itself thanks to the display of gym hair inspo we spotted at the Stella McCartney for Adidas SS17 show.  Array with various exercise equipment installations as micro stages, 3 Labs Studio in Los Angeles mimicked […]

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